Corporate Mission Century-old heritage legislation but to open up the tree and make the country prosperous world brand As a high-tech enterprise, the pursuit of Everlasting international company is a good vision at the same time, as a public company, we will be the responsibility entrusted by history into endless power, forge ahead, keeping forging ahead, determined to achieve creation of the world The great objective of the brand, their own contribution to improve the strength of human life.
Entrepreneurship Flying Geese Spirit - look between heaven and earth, hand in hand over the Fly high in the clouds above, and miles of wind Faraway Travel rumor; vision, in unison, broad-minded and unshaken; This is the unique personality Dayan ------ creatures of nature. Topband people, a group of geese, rely on open, team, practical, beyond the spirit of the cruise Ling warm without setting the market on top of a lofty goal to have a good team, he was strewn with difficulties, from the high mountains, keep the fly, fly ...... Core Values To accept the latest creation of the updated With the times we live in society, innovation and progress all the time in the event, rigid, status quo will be ruthlessly eliminated the market, innovation is the foundation for expanding state survival, to development. We constantly update our concepts, learned good at admittance, to accept the latest, to keep pace with the world; we are always full of passion, innovation, and create an updated, changed the world because of me. 

Philosophy Create value, the value of sharing We uphold the integrity and cooperative attitude to customers, suppliers, employees and the relevant objects as partners, working together to improve the quality of public life, efforts to create new value; We believe that all who should become a shared value creation, we insist on becoming one of them, more willing to share with others. Mutual benefit and common development, is our business principle. 

Service concept Understanding service, you worry Topband is a service-oriented enterprises, who are each expanding state services, and all are our customers. Understanding of the services provided is our duty. Let customers peace of mind is our goal and commitment. Understanding service, not only requires us to perform well, customer demand, we are asked to maintain good customer and did not want to communicate. We are constantly upgrading the skills of service, to maintain fiery passion and lightning action, thus a high degree of fit with the client to achieve the integration of the realm, giving customers peace of mind.